My Dear Parents,

Schooling these days is rapidly reforming, is challenging, becoming innovative and is futuristic; being integrated with technology and technological tools.

CCA is in sync with these and proud to be way, way ahead of many schools, not just in Gurgaon/India; but at par with global world schools in many, many ways.

Feedback from alumni, parents and the community echoes our convictions that CCA is a genuine educational institution with a balanced all-round approach with high standards of value systems and transparency. They find that our teaching faculty are sincere, committed, qualified and experienced; who make the difference in ensuring proper upbringing of happy, healthy children.

We are next to none in infrastructure, providing every essential facility for an enjoyable teaching-learning environment; as also exposure to our children by way of challenges, competitions and a variety of skill experiences.

The Alumni as always are making their mark in their chosen career; thus making both school and their parents proud.

With my blessings and seasons greetings to all of you,


Col. Kr. Pratap Singh