The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Audio Visual Laboratories to ensure that students keep pace with technological growth based on the concept of Learning by Doing. (CHEMISTRY LAB, PHYSICS LAB , BIOLOGY LAB , COMPUTER ROOM)


The students are given a wide choice under SUPW and Hobby classes such as Dance, Dramatics, Music, Gardening, Electronics, Science, Nature & Wild Life Clubs, Art & Painting and Aerobics depending upon their aptitude and talent. The school provides immense space and facilities for music & dance activities. The students enthusiastically participate in these activities and bring laurels to the school at inter-school contests.


No education program can be accomplished in the new millennium without computer education. Computer labs with multimedia & Internet provides our students an opportunity to be with the latest in the world. All students from class LKG onwards learn computer as a subject.


CCA School library is equipped with more than fifteen thousand books ranging from classics, to modern, to mythology, to encyclopedias, to drama, to fiction, to poetry, to magazines, to journals & to resource books. Other than these, children maintain class libraries where they have a collection of books of their choice.